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Excluded Treatments

Find out what treatments are not covered by private health insurance

Reviewed and updated 21 April 2023

Although private health insurance covers a broad range of treatments within Hospital Cover, Extras Cover and Ambulance Cover, there are some treatments the Australian Government excludes.

We refer to these treatments as ‘excluded treatments’ because they cannot be covered.

At present, there are 4 types of treatments that private health insurance does not cover because they are either:

  1. covered by Medicare (for example, visits to your GP or specialist)
  2. funded by the Australian Government under another scheme such as Home Care Packages or Residential Aged Care
  3. natural therapies not yet assessed as clinically effective by the Department of Health’s Natural Therapies Review Expert Advisory Panel
  4. treatments that the Department of Health has assessed as not clinically necessary such as Cosmetic Surgery.

Common treatments not covered by private health insurance

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