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Reviewed and updated 3 April 2024


GMHBA is a private health insurer that operates as an open health fund


GMHBA was established in Geelong in 1934 when a group of workers from the Australian Cement Company set up the Cement Workers Hospital Benefits Scheme. Their objective was to ensure workers and their families could afford quality health care.

In 1958, it became the Geelong Medical and Hospital Benefits Association. Gradually, it evolved into an ‘open’ scheme and expanded outside Geelong. 

It changed its name to GMHBA in 2000. 

In 2009, GMBHA set up Frank Health Insurance, which claims to make health insurance clear and simple and keep costs to a minimum. 

Today, GMBHA has a network of regional branches providing private health insurance to more than 300,000 members across Australia.

Who can join GMHBA?

Anyone can join GMBHA because it is an open health fund.

What products does GMHBA offer?

GMBHA offers:

Do GMHBA policies include Ambulance Cover?

For residents of ACT and NSW with Hospital Cover, GMHBA provides emergency Ambulance Cover.

For residents of NT, SA and VIC with Extras Cover, GMHBA will refund up to 100% of the subscription with your state- or territory-based ambulance service.

For residents of WA, GMHBA does not provide cover and recommends you purchase an ambulance subscription.

For residents of QLD and TAS, you are already covered by a state-based scheme.

Is GMHBA a not-for-profit health insurer?

Yes. GMHBA is a not-for-profit health insurer.

Does GMHBA operate in all Australian states and territories?

Yes. GMHBA operates in all Australian states and territories.

Does GMHBA sell its health insurance policies under other brands?

Yes. GMBHA sells its policies under the Frank Health Insurance brand.

How does GMHBA Hospital Cover compare with other insurers?

BenchmarksGMHBAIndustry average
Member retention for Hospital Cover80.3%88.6%
% hospital-related charges covered89.7%90.6%

Source: Private Health Insurance Ombudsman: State of the Health Funds Report: 2022

Does GMHBA have agreements with some private hospitals or day hospitals to provide services at low cost or with no out-of-pocket costs?

Yes. GMHBA has agreements with a number of private hospitals that allow it to provide services to its members at low cost or with no out-of-pocket costs:

LocationNumber of private Agreement HospitalsIndustry maximum

GMHBA also has agreements with a number of day hospitals so it can provide services at low cost or with no out-of-pocket costs:

LocationNumber of day Agreement Hospitals Industry maximum

Source: GMHBA: performance

How does GMHBA Extras Cover compare with other insurers?

BenchmarkGMHBAIndustry average
% Extras Cover charges covered48.2%52.0%

Source: Private Health Insurance Ombudsman: State of the Health Funds Report: 2022

How does GMHBA compare with other private health insurers?

BenchmarksGMHBAIndustry average
Market share2.3%
% services with no gap84.7%88.8%
% services with no gap or where known gap payment made93.8%97.4%
Market share of complaints to the PHIO3.2%
% complaints investigated by the PHIO1.6%
Benefits as a % of contributions84.5%83.1%
Management expenses as a % of contribution income11.2%9.9%
Management expenses per average policy$429$375

Source: Private Health Insurance Ombudsman: State of the Health Funds Report: 2022

Is GMBHA a member of any industry associations?

Yes. GMBHA is a member of Private Healthcare Australia (PHA), a body that represents 20 registered health insurers and 97% of people covered by private health insurance.

Does GMHBA let me claim online or via an app?

Yes. GMHBA allows you to make a claim via its online portal if it is for the full amount. 

To claim a partial refund, you need to download a claim form and post it to GMHBA. 

You can also swipe your GMHBA membership card when paying the account and your provider usually bills GMHBA directly.

How to contact GMHBA


1300 209 426




Level 3
60-72 Moorabool Street

Postal address:

PO Box 761

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