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Our Brand Promises

On, you can compare every private health insurer in Australia and every policy with no commercial bias.

We guarantee to show you the cheapest policy available, based on your information.

Our True Comparisons™ allow you to compare without entering your name, email or phone number.

Information on how the Australian Government regulates private health insurance is available here.

Compare Every Insurer 

Compare all Australian health insurers and every policy

  • There are 32 registered insurers in Australia:
  • At present, registered health insurers also sell their policies under 18 other brands. Those brands are not registered health insurers, but their policies are provided by a registered insurer.
  • The Australian Government requires private health insurers to create a Private Health Information Statement (PHIS) for every policy.
  • A PHIS provides a summary of key product features and prices.
  • Private health insurers are required to keep the PHIS up-to-date and they are required to notify the Australian Government and policy holders of any changes.
  • The Australian Government makes available the latest PHIS for every policy from every registered health insurer.
  • We compare all Australian health insurers and every policy because we use the PHIS data provided by the Australian Government.

No Commercial Bias

Compare using independent and comprehensive information

  • We provide a comparison and information service. 
  • We cover all health insurers and every policy currently available from a registered health insurer.
  • We do not sell private health insurance.  
  • We do have commercial arrangements in place, however those commercial arrangements do not affect the information we provide. Details of our commercial arrangements are available at How We Make Money
  • Regardless of commercial arrangements:
    • prices are ranked from cheapest to most expensive, and
    • for every policy we provide;
      • information about cover, benefits, features, waiting periods, limits and exclusions
      • insurer contact details
      • a PHIS.
  • The policies and information we display are filtered based on the information you enter, to ensure that we display what is relevant to your requirements. We do not filter or limit results on any other basis.
  • We review content regularly to ensure it is up-to-date.  The date of the last review is shown at the top of pages. 

Cheapest Policy Guaranteed

Compare all Private Health Insurance Statements, cheapest to most expensive

  • The Australian Government regulates health insurance prices.
  • Private health insurers must apply to the Australian Government to change prices.
  • Price changes approved by the Government must be reflected in an updated Private Health Insurance Statement (PHIS).
  • A PHIS provides a summary of key product features and prices.
  • Private health insurers are required to have a PHIS for every policy.
  • Private health insurers are required to keep the PHIS up-to-date.
  • We guarantee the cheapest policy because we use the price from the latest PHIS.
  • A PHIS must show the monthly price before the Private Health Insurance Rebate, Age-based Discount and Lifetime Health Cover Loading are applied.
  • The PHIS price may not be the price you ultimately pay. Other factors can affect the price you will pay. They are:
  • The Rebate, Discount and Loading vary depending on your individual situation. The price you pay for health insurance is determined by the PHIS price, as well as the Rebate, Discount and Loading. Unless the Rebate, Discount and Loading are also calculated, the PHIS price may not be the price you pay.
  • Some insurers may also offer incentives or promotions for the policies they offer, such as a limited number of weeks free.  We do not calculate or apply any applicable incentives or promotions. 
  • We do not include price adjustment if it occurs for policies in the same product range where there are two or more adult dependents.
  • The information and prices the Calculator gives you are based on the information you provide and depend on the accuracy of that information.
  • While our Calculator will show you the cheapest policies, you should consider your needs carefully before committing to a policy. Some cheaper policies may not be suitable for your needs or could be less value for money in the long term. The information on is for general information only and should not be taken as constituting professional advice.

Free Open Access

Compare without entering your name, email or phone number

  • Everything we offer on this website, including health insurance prices and information, is available for free.
  • You do not have to enter your name, email or phone number to get results or information. 
  • Once you have used our website, we will not contact you unless you have specifically requested or authorised us to do so.  
  • If you provide us with any contact details, we will not pass those contact details to any other party.
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