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Reviewed and updated 6 June 2024

About Peoplecare

What is Peoplecare?

Peoplecare Health Insurance (Peoplecare) is a private health insurer that operates as an open health fund


Peoplecare was established in 1953 as the health insurer for employees and families of the steel manufacturer John Lysaght Australia Ltd. 

In 1979 when BHP bought John Lysaght Australia Pty Ltd, Peoplecare offered insurance to BHP employees. In 2000, the insurer began to offer health insurance to employees at BlueScope Steel, One Steel, BHP Billiton and 40 affiliated companies.

In 2006, the health insurer became an open health fund and changed its name to Peoplecare.  Around this time, it helped establish a new private health fund, National Health Benefits Australia, which trades under the brand onemedifund. Peoplecare currently manages onemedifund.

In 2011, Peoplecare entered an agreement to manage the Reserve Bank Health Society, a not-for-profit health fund for current and former employees of the Reserve Bank of Australia and Note Printing Australia.

Based in Wollongong in NSW, most of its 70,000 members live in the Illawarra and Mornington Peninsula areas.

Who can join Peoplecare?

Anyone can join Peoplecare because it is an open health fund.

What products does Peoplecare offer?

Peoplecare offers:

Do Peoplecare policies include Ambulance Cover?

Peoplecare includes unlimited Ambulance Cover nationwide with:

  • Hospital Cover
  • Extras Cover
  • Combined Hospital and Extras Cover.

Unlimited Ambulance Cover includes:

  • emergency ambulance treatment and transport to hospital via road, sea and air
  • non-emergency ambulance transport by road and air
  • emergency treatment without transport
  • emergency ambulance treatment between hospitals.

Is Peoplecare a not-for-profit health insurer?

Yes. Peoplecare is a not-for-profit health insurer.

Does Peoplecare operate in all Australian states and territories?

Yes. Peoplecare operates in all Australian states and territories.

How does Peoplecare Hospital Cover compare with other insurers?

BenchmarksPeoplecareIndustry average
Member retention for Hospital Cover85.9%86.9%
% hospital-related charges covered90.7%89.9%

Source: Private Health Insurance Ombudsman: State of the Health Funds Report: 2023

Does Peoplecare have agreements with some private hospitals or day hospitals to provide services at low cost or with no out-of-pocket costs?

Yes. Peoplecare has agreements with a number of private hospitals that allow it to provide services to its members at low cost or with no out-of-pocket costs:

LocationNumber of private Agreement HospitalsIndustry maximum

Peoplecare also has agreements with a number of day hospitals so it can provide services at low cost or with no out-of-pocket costs:

LocationNumber of day Agreement HospitalsIndustry maximum

Source: Peoplecare: performance

How does Peoplecare Extras Cover compare with other insurers?

BenchmarkPeoplecareIndustry average
% Extras Cover charges covered44.3%51.1%

Source: Private Health Insurance Ombudsman: State of the Health Funds Report: 2023

How does Peoplecare compare with other private health insurers?

BenchmarksPeoplecareIndustry average
Market share0.5%
% services with no gap90.9%88.3%
% services with no gap or where known gap payment made98.0%97.2%
Market share of complaints to the PHIO0.5%3.1%
% complaints investigated by the PHIO0.5%3.1%
Benefits as a % of contributions83.3%80.5%
Management expenses as a % of contribution income13.6%13.1%
Management expenses per average policy$629$592

Source: Private Health Insurance Ombudsman: State of the Health Funds Report: 2023

Is Peoplecare a member of any industry organisations?

Yes. Peoplecare is a member of the Members Health Fund Alliance, an alliance of not-for-profit, member-owned, regional or community-based health insurers.

Does Peoplecare let me claim online or via an app?

Yes. Peoplecare allows you to make a claim online through member Services or with the Peoplecare mobile app, Larry.

How to contact Peoplecare


1800 808 690 (members)
1800 509 829 (new members)


Email: or online form


Head Office
Cnr Young and Victoria Streets

Postal address:

Locked Bag 33

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