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Reviewed and updated 16 March 2024

What is UniHealth?

UniHealth is brand that sells private health insurance to people working in the higher education industry and their families.

Is UniHealth a registered health insurer?

No. UniHealth is not a registered insurer.

Instead, Teachers Health (a registered insurer) created the UniHealth brand to sell Teachers Health’s policies to people working in universities.

Who can join UniHealth?

You can join UniHealth if you meet two criteria:

  1. You are:
  • an academic
  • a research staff member
  • a general staff member
  • professional staff member.
  1. You are a member of the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU).

You can also join if you a related to a person who is eligible to join UniHealth. This includes if you are:

  • a spouse or partner
  • an adult child or their partner or dependent child
  • grandchild
  • dependent child
  • sibling or their partner or dependent child
  • parent or parent-in-law.

What products does UniHealth offer?

UniHealth Insurance offers:

Does UniHealth offer Ambulance Cover?

Yes. In all states and territories except Queensland and Tasmania, Uni Health insurance offers emergency Ambulance Cover with:

  • Hospital Cover
  • Extras Cover
  • Combined Hospital and Extras Cover.

If you live in Queensland or Tasmania, you are covered by state government ambulance services.

If you don’t want to purchase Hospital Cover or Extras Cover, you can also purchase a separate policy for emergency Ambulance Cover.

Does UniHealth let me claim online or via an app?

Yes. UniHealth allows you to claim online or via their member app.

How to contact UniHealth?


1300 367 906



Via online form


Teachers Health
Level 4
260 Elizabeth Street

Postal address:

GPO Box 9812

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