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What is Basic, Bronze and Silver Plus Cover?

Reviewed and updated 5 June 2023

Sometimes, insurers include additional clinical categories in a Basic, Bronze and Silver Hospital Cover policy. When they do this, they are allowed to market it as a ‘Plus’ policy. 

It is worth considering Basic Plus, Bronze Plus and Silver Plus Cover because they may offer clinical categories on an unrestricted basis or additional clinical categories. Moreover, these policies may offer you better value for money than regular Basic, Bronze and Silver Cover. 

At the same time, you may find that you get better value for money if you upgrade to a higher tier that taking out a ‘Plus’ policy. For example, it may be cheaper to take out Gold Cover, even if it includes some clinical categories that you do not need, than a Silver Plus Cover.

In short, it pays to shop around.

You can use our Calculator to find the best deal for you because we compare every policy on the market from all Australian health insurers.

Basic Plus Cover

Here is an example of how a Basic Plus works in theory:

Jen takes out Basic Plus Hospital Cover

Jen is 25. She wants to take out Hospital Cover but she has only a small budget. She is disappointed by the limited cover provided by Basic Cover (3 out of 38 clinical categories). She finds a Basic Plus policy she can afford. It not only includes rehabilitation, hospital psychiatric services and palliative care but some other clinical categories she could need in the future:
– tonsils, adenoids and grommets
– joint reconstructions
– hernia and appendix
– gynaecology, 
– miscarriage and termination of pregnancy
– dental surgery.

Bronze Plus Cover

Here is an example of how Bronze Plus works in theory:

Ralph takes out Bronze Plus Hospital Cover

Ralph is 30. He wants to take out Hospital Cover. He wants reasonable coverage but is also concerned about the cost. His family has a history of cancer and insomnia. He finds a Bronze Plus policy that he can afford. It includes the 21 Bronze-tier clinical categories plus palliative care (not on a ‘restricted’ basis), pain management with device and sleep studies (usually only included with Gold Hospital Cover).

Silver Plus Cover

Here is an example of how Sliver Plus works in theory:

Manassa takes out Silver Plus Hospital Cover 

Manassa is 52. She wants to take out Hospital Cover. She wants good cover but cannot afford Gold Hospital Cover. Both of her parents have developed cataracts. She takes out a Silver Plus policy within her budget. It includes the 29 Silver-tier clinical categories plus Rehabilitation (not on a ‘restricted’ basis), cataracts and joint replacements (usually only included with Gold Hospital Cover).

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