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Why should I take out Extras Cover?

Reviewed and updated 20 April 2023

The main benefit of taking out Extras Cover is that it helps you pay for health care services that Medicare does not cover.

The easiest way to work out whether you want to take out Extras Cover is to look through the list of treatments offered and decide whether you are likely to use them.

Here are some examples of how you might decide whether or not to take out Extras Cover:

A single person who takes out Extras Cover

Hilary is a very active person. She runs marathons. She sees a physiotherapist and chiropractor regularly. She takes out basic Extras Cover to help her cover the cost of these appointments.

A single person who decides not to take out Extras Cover

Gerry is fit and healthy. His main form of exercise is walking to work. He looks through the list of treatments available under Extras Cover. The only one he would use is General Dental. He visits a dentist once a year for a check-up. His dentist tells him he is lucky because he has both good teeth and gums. He has never had a filling. He decides not to take out Extras Cover.

A couple who take out Extras Cover

Mary and Emma are a couple who believe in keeping fit and healthy. They often see a physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor and a remedial massage therapist. They decide to take out medium Extras Cover.

A couple who decide not to take out Extras Cover

Brigid and James are a couple who are interested in the arts rather than sport. They see their GP regularly for check-ups. Neither of them has glasses or has ever seen a physiotherapist or chiropractor. They decide not to take out Extras Cover.

A family who takes out Extras Cover

Greg is a single father with 5 young children. Two of his children need glasses and one of them will probably need braces. Greg feels his youngest child would benefit from seeing a speech therapist and a psychologist. Greg takes out top Extras Cover to help him pay for these treatments.

A family who does not take out Extras Cover

Adam and Andrew are a couple with 2 teenage children. Adam works part-time and Andrew is currently unemployed. This means they are under financial pressure. They decide to postpone getting Extras Cover until they both find full-time work.

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